Pacer Profiles Since 1999

We have been manufacturing plastic profile extrusions from materials including Rigid PVC, Flexible PVC, ABS, ASA, Acrylic, HDPE, PP and many other grades of engineering plastics for nearly 20 years.

We design and manufacture all of our tooling in-house using modern CAD software and CNC wire-cutting machines so that we have absolute control of all stages of any extrusion project.

Our Plastic
Profile Extrusions

POS Extrusions
POS Extrusions

Retail POS extrusions to promote your brand or message! Our range of POS extrusions will make the most of all browsers walkin...

Wardrobe Extrusions
Wardrobe Extrusions

Built in wardrobes use a wide range of custom extrusions in their construction.We manufacture some specific custom rigid extrusion...

Data Strips
Data Strips

Data Strips are used in the retail environment to hold tickets in position on shelves hooks and baskets.The most common lengths ar...

Hydroponic Channels
Hydroponic Channels

At Pacer Profiles we manufacture 100 x 50 NFT PVC Hydroponic Channels (Gully) Equipment that can be sure to serve you well for man...

Custom Design And Manufacture Services
For Your Extrusion Project

  • Product Design
  • Tooling Design
  • Tooling Manufacture
  • Co-Extrusion
  • Plastic Coating
  • Embossing and Punching
Product Design

We can convert your ideas and sketches into product reality. We use our in-house expertise coupled with that of our external partners to consider every aspect of your project.

Using the latest Finite Element Analysis (FEA) software, your product can be designed for the optimum combination of plastic thickness and strength and load-bearing properties.

In today`s competitive business environment, it is no longer good enough to add extra plastic thickness just to be sure a product is strong enough. Over designing for strength is extremely costly.

Using FEA software, a part can be subjected to simulated loads in a variety of ways. Stress points are analysed and design changes are made to optimise strength and part weight.

For more information on FEA and design capabilities, visit the Cadgile web site

Tooling Design

Our tool design team can convert your idea, sketch or technical drawing into production reality.

With over 20 years experience in this field, our designers will meticulously consider every intricate feature of your product to ensure that the tooling we make has all the features required for high speed, consistent profile production.

We also have the flexibility to design and consider tooling for a low volume R&D application for industries such as defence and mining.

In such applications, we would design good, functional, low speed tooling that enables the customer to receive a low volume product in a cost effective and timely manner

Tooling Manufacture

Using our Sodick 4-axis wire EDM coupled with our experienced tooling and development technicians and an array of metal working machines, we are able to control the design and manufacture of the tooling.

From the receipt of steel blanks and product drawing, right through to the finished part, all steps of the process are carefully managed to ensure that the finished product is everything it should be.


Co-Extrusion is a process by which it is possible to produce one plastic strip comprising various visual or mechanical properties.

The extruded plastic strip maybe rigid with a flexible hinge or fin. It may be a base colour with a different stripe along it.

Co-Extruded plastic strips are useful for incorporating several features in one product, reducing the number of parts required for an assembly and in many instances, reduces labour costs.

Plastic Coating

Plastic Coating or cross-head extrusion is a process by which a component is covered with a layer of plastic.

A very common example of this is the plastic coated copper wire used for various electrical applications.

This principle can be applied to a range of different shapes, coating thicknesses and grades of coating plastics.

Embossing and Punching

At Pacer Profiles, we focus on providing the complete solution to a product.

There are times when a product requires additional features such as holes, slots or decorative features such as company logos.

In many cases, such features can be punched or embossed into the product as it is being extruded.

This greatly reduces labour costs and ensures the customer receives a product that is ready to use as soon as it is delivered.

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